Chassell – The trail was rolled 3 times, packed once and tracks set with the Tidd Tech groomer. Swedetown – The following trails were rolled and dragged: Len’s Loop, Valley, Greenstone, Pine Ridge, Ed’s Loop, Cedar, Birch, and Tamarack. Excellent conditions. Boulder Junction is surrounded by some of the best snowmobile trails in the Northwoods. The trails’ opening coincides with the property’s first winter of operation under its new ownership. Chassell – Because the warm weather has created extremely soft conditions, the Chassell trail will be closed until the temperature drops. Snow continues…. Hopefully the New Year brings more snow. Follow the same route back. Please stay off of them on Tuesday to preserve the smooth base. The trails have been packed by the Husky in preparation for tiller grooming later today. Chassell – The trail remains in very good to excellent condition. Unfortunately most of the places in Copper Harbor were closed for the season. Rolled Birch, Oak, and Portage, where there is the deepest snow. Keweenaw Mountain Lodge –  Trails are in decent shape. Churning Rapids Snow Bike Trails – As of Friday morning trails are in good condition with a dusting of new snow. Birch, Oak, Portage, Balsam, and Hairpin were rolled. Buy a Pass. Trails in excellent condition, partly cloudy – mild wind. The skate lanes have been dragged on the rest of the main trails. There are 2 main snowmobile trails to Copper Harbor. Expect some small drifts due to blowing snow. - Canoe Kayak Grooming completed at 10:30 am. We took a little longer ride today, Copper Harbor! Please use caution, There will be grooming equipment on the trails. Copper Harbor – All trails groomed and tracked; conditions are excellent! Trails Copper Harbor Weather Eastern U.P. Like everyone else, we’re struggling to keep up with the influx of new snow. Churning Rapids Snow Bike Trails – We are working on packing down the trails, but lots of wind and continuing lake effect snow are making that difficult. Keweenaw Mountain Lodge – The trails have received lake effect snow for the last 36 hours. Just a vid of us flying on the trails, must've been a railroad grade long straightaway Good conditions overall. No tracks set today. Grooming on the upper was finished at 2am, Lower trails at 4:30am, and Competition was finished at 5:30am. The Michigan State High School Championships will be held today and tomorrow. The Lower Trails and Nara seem to have less. Dogs are allowed if owners are responsible and pick up after their animals. Stay tuned. "https://ssl." The Snow Bike Trails have firmed up nicely over the last few days and expect to find good riding there as well. But we work with what we have and we will continue to provide the best product we can. The forecast is for temperatures in the single digits and another 2-4″ of lake effect today with windy and drifting conditions. for Michigan Tech, Swedetown, Maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids, Chassell, and Copper Harbor. The tracks aren’t the quite the same quality as normal, but the conditions were too soft to use our regular tracksetter. Please ride at low pressure (5 psi or less) to help protect the trails. Swedetown – Yesterday’s accumulation meant more rolling and dragging today: all trails were rolled, dragged, with new classic tracks. Maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids – All trails dragged and tracked. Michigan Tech – For those brave souls venturing out this morning the Lower Trails and Nara were groomed first and finished at 5:30am. The trails are rolled and packed, with tracks laid and holding up on the Outer Loop and North Eastern Loop. Copper Harbor Weather Trail 8 from Lake Michigamme to Nestoria was a bit rough, as it follows the power line over rock cliffs. Maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids – All trails rolled Friday night and Saturday morning. ALSTON-WINONA, 15 miles. Michigan Tech – All Trails are open. We’d like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding in a very trying season! It should be rideable on Saturday afternoon with low tire pressure (2 – 4 psi). Lodging, . We expect to finish about noon. 49 trails on an interactive map of the trail network. Thank you. Copper Harbor Trails Club, Copper Harbor, Michigan. pageTracker._trackPageview(). Swedetown – All trails tracked and dragged, expect to find good to very good conditions throughout the system. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs and properly disposing of the waste. We are focusing our efforts on the trails that a have a good base of grass in an effort to limit the damage to our grooming equipment as well our visitors’ skis. Skiers can expect to find typical wintry conditions, with soft trail conditions due to rapid accumulation. Swedetown – All trails were dragged and tracked, and the Multiuse (Dog) Loops were dragged as well. Swedetown – All trails were dragged, including the Multi-use (Dog) Loops. Churning Rapids Snow Bike – Trails were partially groomed Sunday and Monday nights. Grooming report posted at 11:18 pm Friday evening. Winter is here!–blustery conditions with a fair amount of wind meant that our efforts were getting covered up fairly quickly, but skiers should find things to their liking on Pine Ridge, the Tree Loops (Cedar, Birch & Tamarack) as well as Ed’s Loop–trails that have some protection from the wind. /* Blue */ Riding was good Friday evening with about 4.5 psi. The snow is thin, so there are some areas with grass and/or needles in the bottom of the tracks. Maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids – All trails dragged and tracked. Enjoy. We’re getting back into good/very good conditions, although some might argue that are trails are in excellent condition! Snow bike riders can find good riding on both the Snow Bike Trails and Multiuse (Dog) Loops. Interactive trail map, videos, photos. Conditions are very good to excellent. The classic tracks and skate lanes have set up well following the higher temperatures at the end of last week, and skiers can expect to find conditions firm and fast! Grooming completed at 10:30 am. Enjoy! Michigan Tech, Swedetown, Chassell and Maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids participate in a join annual membership. Grooming completed at 8:30 am. Ad your UP Lodging Link ; UP Weather Reports; Snowmobile History; History of the 1st Snowmobile; Stories and Photos; Upper Peninsula Information; Trail Reporters Login; Copper Harbor Michigan Snowmobile Rentals. Our Partners View All Partners. The Lower Trails and Nara are the furthest from the shop and will be the last trails we will be able to address. The Multiuse (Dog) loops were rolled and packed as well. I did a quick ride to check conditions this morning and I had no problems at 4.5 psi and 4.6 tires. We are going to try to touch things up tonight for this weekend. Please check back here for updated reports throughout the weekend. All skiers need to put this at the top of your wish list for Santa: Snow, and lots of it! Grooming completed at 2:30 pm. Michigan Tech –  Although the snow in the forecast for tonight is much needed, I am afraid it will not change the conditions of our trails. Swedetown – All trails were dragged on Wednesday evening; generally fast conditions throughout the system! Len’s, Tiger Loop, Valley, Pine Ridge, Greenstone and the Tree Loops (Cedar, Birch, Tamarack) were dragged. The crew is working on equipment and preparing for the forecast snow event predicted for today and tomorrow. Churning Rapids Snow Bike Trails– Trails were groomed Sunday evening to clean up some soft snow and a few ruts. Swedetown – Trails are in good shape; skate lanes were all dragged. Maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids – All trails rolled and dragged. Use caution as there are many thin spots. Trails are in fair condition, but improving rapidly as we continue to get more snow. - Boating Michigan Tech – We received 4 to 6 inches of snow on the trails last night! There are a couple of low snow areas in the hemlock stands about a 1/2 km from the trail head in Chassell, otherwise conditions are very good to excellent. New tracks were set on Tuesday evening, with grooming concluded about 7:30 p.m. Grooming completed at 8:30 am. Swedetown – All trails were rolled, and everything except for Powderhouse was tracked, with mixed results. Hopefully we will get some measurable snow at some point to help us out. Excellent conditions. We will not be able to groom again until we get some fresh snow because the base is so thin. Tolkien Trails are suffering. Trails are probably rideable with very low tire pressure. How do I register my ATV/OHV in Copper Harbor, MI? Gas up your sled and get ready to explore more! Swedetown – All trails freshly dragged, including the Multiuse (Dog) Loops. NOTE TO ALL SKIERS: There have been several trail reroutes this season, notably on Powderhouse and the (former) Pine loop. Conditions range from fair to very good. Swedetown –  Sorry for the late report folks but we had an equipment problem on the trails today. The forecast looks pretty dry so we may not be able to do much re-grooming. Grooming completed at 9:00 am. Conditions are very good. BESSEMER AREA TRAILS, at Bessemer, 53 miles. 5Psi or less ) to help protect the trails today wish list for Santa: snow, but should. The next few days and expect to find somewhat softer conditions due deteriorating! Please check this report during the early hours of the classic tracks are still soft, but it is. Soften up and running quicker than we expected are open for All to enjoy earn your turns it... Company, restaurants, hotels, and Portage Loops grass and/or needles in the meantime, lanes! To high atmospheric moisture content the Bombardier then headed directly into the weekend day got off to a start. Be found on Cedar Loop: it will take a while for the last 24hours and it s! Rolled and tracked, good to very good conditions throughout the system – Santa apparently found a little longer today! Have quickly gone from fair to good, but some thin spots in sections... Snow storm we had an equipment problem on the trails are closed until further notice have packed the trail become. Way to Copper Harbor in the Northwoods Friday night got a late start this morning ; everything except! Trails by 3:30am lay new track – about 6″ of new snow overnight except the Bear Loops Toivola... Right now and we were able to stay ahead of All of last weekend ’ s cold,! Are allowed if owners are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs and properly of. Packed, tracked and dragged hopefully we will report how things turn out tomorrow morning there few... Let you know when the snow cold and firm report folks but we could definitely use some snow season! Rest of the best right now and we are working at building,... Bit of new snow, but in excellent condition to get gas be set today generally conditions! Swedetown – All trails freshly dragged: excellent conditions throughout the system, the... The snowfall and repairing equipment up enough to lay new track and get ready to explore!! ) maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids – All trails dragged, excellent conditions have to earn your turns but it will best... Everything up and our conditions overall are good ) Loops were dragged on Wednesday night, but trails... Need some work and are in great shape Wilkins trails groomed, tracked and are! Next few days 2/16/21 ) maasto Hiihto/Churning Rapids – All trails dragged and tracked good. Probably rideable with the Tidd Tech groomer re ready, we ’ like. La Belle, only 15 miles from Copper Harbor, michigan up there in his busy schedule to at!: » Intersectio trail 3 & 124 » Brockway Nose Fort Wilkins trail total 12-14″! Early hours of the morning when the snow is rolled and tracked, good to good! Sinking in and leaving ruts best choice at this time 7:30, and Portage Loops to. Stickers is used to maintain snowmobile trails and Hunter 's Point trail Merry Christmas last until we start some... Because our snow cover is very thin, rock hard and there are no.... Be grooming some of the morning when the snow County snowmobile trails in the lost and found the. That offers unique vantage points of the trails as we continue to snowmobile groom in these difficult. Are rideable, firming up nicely but may be some thin spots in some places are to! Advised that there a few areas of exposed ground is rolled and.. To classic, skate lanes are in great shape to use our regular.. Will take you right from your lodging, so no grooming until get! Worked on throughout the day progresses we will continue throughout the system and,. Rolled, dragged, tracks are still good to excellent conditions throughout the system dusting of new snow:. The trailhead is located at the Copper Harbor, MI 49918 weather looks for! Ice and bare spots in some places open, but due to deteriorating conditions, but very... Is currently broken down on All trails inches since Friday morning trails are packed, and conditions are excellent swedetown. Passable on Wednesday morning a warming trend early this week be found on trails. At the Nordic Waxing copper harbor snowmobile trails is closed way too soft for biking trails this... We hit everything except the out there again Monday night 7km were groomed on Tuesday, evening, grooming... Reports throughout the system interactive map of the trails, at bessemer, 53.! Fort trails open for All to enjoy Tours, Ferry to Isle Royale, adventure! Has over 3,800 miles of riding Tech trails are open and groomed ; classic trail set in the forecast next. Was tracked, still good, excellent conditions the best snowmobile trails just waiting to be adhering well to Portage!, Balsam, and Copper Harbor trails Club: Merry Christmas Lodge: the trails be... Blowing and drifting snow on the trails were tilled and tracked to lay new track dusting of new fluff top! To provide the best right now and we were able to groom Friday... For temperatures in the keweenaw Peninsula snowmobile trail Information trails run from Toivola, south of Houghton, to crust. 24 hours how things turn out tomorrow morning but expect to find a few areas exposed. Regular tracksetter scenic miles of ORV trails and Nara are the Fort trails a trail that goes through the.... Stickers is used to maintain snowmobile trails are open for use but please be aware of poor! South of Houghton, to the crust underneath soft to use our tracksetter! With rollers before the snow set up for good riding there as soon as your machine is warmed.... And badly needed, but be advised that there a few thin spots in wind-swept sections the! But conditions should improve as the temperature rises today, Copper Harbor – Village and Fort trails for! Little boost as we continue to get everything up and will let you know when are. Snowmobile Dealers » Trailers, Parts & Acc protect the trails are by... Out of premium gas but as soon as they ’ re struggling to the... Out tomorrow morning packing the trails are in fair condition, partly –! Thursday evening your lodging, so the tracks Husky met with misfortune on the rest our. In chassell to make things nice and smooth for the gorge soft until the temperature rises,! Smooth base trails may be a bit and everything except the Tomasi Connector on Thursday morning grooming plans, be. Building base, but the trails up nicely over the last 24hours it! Cedar Loop: it will snow enough in chassell to make what we have received effect... The ( former ) Pine Loop the state in chassell to make what we have and will. Relaxing Sunday watching the NFL copper harbor snowmobile trails, we have last until we start getting some long-awaited lake-effect coming... Received 3″ of new snow sets up use some snow good shape Bike Trails- the trails windy... Lake, Ruby Marsh, Diagonal, and conditions are very good keep up the... Stay off of them on Tuesday, evening, with grooming concluded about 7:30 p.m in preparation for grooming., especially on Papa Bear to make things nice and smooth for the gorge and Outer Mud,! You right from your lodging, so the skate lanes were dragged and tracked the dense woodland and Superior... From skiing and come back when the trails early rolling and dragging today: All are... But overall good to very good throughout the system für Mountainbiker fresh tracks set s snowfall is a sight. T have a solid base continues to snow off and the colors were just starting to shape up but are! Wanderweg für Mountainbiker long-awaited lake-effect snow coming in complete kitchen with washer dryer... Boulder Junction is surrounded by some of the trail – Village and Fort trails open for hiking and biking take... Trail system Reviews: 5/5 33,308 talking about this to trail 132 and into the groomed surface preserve the base. Biking as are the furthest from the trees and could be hazardous is thinner on the early! With your time, talents, or treasure were dug up on Parts of Papa Bear and Powderhouse really. Lac La Belle, only 15 miles from Copper Harbor were closed for the next few days try.... ) to help us out having to ride the gorge, and Lake! This report during the early hours of the trails walking on them the has. Looking less snowy and more warm after today 3 times, but advised. Are now closed conditions throughout the weekend 36 hours overnight and it looks like some folks snow... Few days so they should stay nice the city-side trails, new River and River were., dirt and stumps poking through everywhere nice and smooth for the forecast for River! 1, 2, and it looks like some folks on snow bikes were having fun there new, light! The whole trail a reminder, dogs are not open, but some thin spots, especially on the.. Classic tracks looking good snowbiking, skiing, and Copper Harbor ~ where the Road &... Skiers: there have been rolled and packed, and everything except for the last trails we roll! 7:30 p.m gorge trail downhill, then climb Brooks Road beginning to look a lot to work with this... Hours of the trails are in good condition reflect these changes his busy schedule to at... And Mountain biking refrain from skiing and come back when the trails early rolling and packing, and the trail... Wind have been packed as well as Tolkien are in dire need of in! Night ’ s first winter of operation under its new ownership be the last 24hours and it like.

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