However, fencing your yard is the best preventive measure against the pest. I have never had trouble before, until we moved, 5 miles further out into the wilderness. Primitive Technology: Make Big Porcupine Trap - How To Make Big Porcupine Trap Work That Work 100% !Thank you so much for watching. This is why you need to plan their eviction once you spot them anywhere in your environment. This puts us about 1/2 hour from the nearest town now. So spraying pepper all around the plants and the trees will repel them. Hot Sauce/ Capsaicin: If you have seen porcupines in the yard, or noticed bites taken out of your … Porcupines are highly mobile, and they move very fast, which is why relocating them after trapping, may not be as effective as you expect it to be- they’ll probably come back. But the reality is, transferring the animal is not as humane as it appears to be. Click here to hire us in your town and check prices - updated for year 2020. Fortunately, Porcupines can be easily identified by the thick layer of brown/black fur and thousands of long spiky quills (or spines) all over their body. (Porcupines love salt!) Need porcupine removal in your hometown? Behavior. So the other day my dog had a painful run in with a porcupine. Before you can carry out a treatment plan, you need to make absolutely sure that you are dealing with Porcupines and not some other animal. Also, coyote urine scent can be sprayed near the porcupine dens or ruins to make it want to escape and therefore get trapped. When leaving a car over night, has anyone ever had, or heard of a problem with porcupines chewing on brake lines at Catskill trail heads? Porcupines also have rather poor eyes sight, but their sense of smell and hearing ability more than make up for it. If you don’t get from any local store, you can place your order online to get the spray. if you need to deal with a porcupine problem. Some of these methods are; Building a right fence is a sure way to ensure that the rodent stays off your property. An average porcupine has about 30,000 quills on its body- you don’t want to mess with it. After getting the approval from your local authorities its time to relocate the porcupine away from your property. Porcupines are herbivores, and their love for plants is exceptional. These nocturnal animals tend to keep to themselves, but can become a nuisance in certain situations. I've been told that adding cayenne pepper to bird seed is a good way to to keep squirrels and other rodents from eating it. Neither should you stop planting trees for fear of porcupines. The quills are made to release from the body when contact occurs, but they cannot actually jump any amount of distance.) A single animal can quickly expose the root system on a tree, leaving it open to insects or disease. The steel leg hold trap needs to be placed firmly and leveled with it positioned slightly by the side of the trail. Gloves should be worn when handling the trap to keep human scent to a minimum and to protect your skin when transporting the caught porcupines. © Copyright 2020 by Wildlife Animal Control. It doesn’t have to be high, just ensure that you install an electric wire around the fence and even to the ground- this will deter the animal. Getting rid of porcupines does not have to be a difficult task. They’ll especially target your wood in winter or early spring, when natural food sources are in short supply. An animal that takes up residence under or near a home poses a threat to all of the occupants in the dwelling, be they human or animal. Whether is a building, wooden boat, horse saddles, trees, etc. If you didn’t know these creatures were rodents, you probably didn’t know they have over thirty thousand needles that cover their bodies, that their quills can be used for fishing, or that they are considered an edible animal. Captured porcupines are easily relocated into state forest. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Salt bait and be used for this trap. However, if you plan to use it for just a short term, you can buy coyote or fox scent from any of your local stores that have a hunting supply department. Call us today! Completely enclose small trees with wire baskets or wrap the trunks of valuable larger trees with 30-inch bands of aluminum flashing at the base. They can bring down an entire structure made of wood- they don’t care. Porcupines are interesting creatures to be sure, and when they encroach on your property it is time to take action. Do not handle the animal without heavy gloves. Is there any type of paint or other coating that will repel those nasty porkies? They can bring down a whole tree just for the sake of having lunch or dinner. There are ‘Pests’ with the capital P. Porcupines are one of such Pests, you don’t ever want them anywhere around you. However, you need to plan how to trap the porcupine in your yard. Information about porcupine trapping - analysis and methods for how to trap. Porcupines have also been known to enter homes through the dog or cat door in search of food. Make a hair stick with porcupine quills. Not only is a muzzle full of quills painful, it is often expensive to treat at the veterinary office. He examines the diversity of porcupines from around the world - from North and South America to Africa and Asia. How to Get Rid of Porcupines Digging Up Your Yard. Click here to Use round-nose pliers to twist the wire around the beads in a design. This site is intended to provide education and information about how to keep porcupines away from your house, yard, garbage cans, shed, so that you can make an informed decision Sometimes the porcupine doesn’t have to be actively destroying property for alarm to be raised about its close proximity. There are several ways of getting rid of this animal, but the most effective way to eliminate them is by trapping them. Anyway my dog is contained and trained with an inground petsafe fence. Sprinkle a porcupine repellent around your yard. Once the animal is caught, you must relocate to a very far away location, especially if killing the animal is against the law in your region. Pulling the quills often traumatizes the flesh more than the initial stab. A piece of wood is also an excellent bait for trapping. Another liquid repellent which works great at keeping them away is LIQUID BIRD REPELLENT. The North American porcupine is the only species found in the United States and Canada. read more about how to get rid of porcupines. RaccoonsRaccoon Control Education and Services, SquirrelsSquirrel Control Education and Services, OpossumOpossum Control Education and Services, SkunksSkunk Control Education and Services, GroundhogGroundhog Control Education and Services, ArmadillosArmadillo Control Education and Services, BeaverBeaver Control Education and Services, CoyotesCoyote Control Education and Services, SnakesSnake Control Education and Services, DeadDead Animal Control Education and Services. More so, the presence of porcupines in your yard will invite other dangerous animals that are predators to a porcupine. If you reside in a place where the winter snow is salty, it is a potential risk for the cars parked outside because porcupines will gnaw on your tires is covered in salty snow. Field-Nat. Once the animal is caught, if you want to relocate it, it must be at least 40km away from your home. You can make your trip by yourself, and you can buy traps at any of your local stores. The addition of salt to the bait will ensure no innocent species are lured into the trap instead. Bait the trap with a salted material, cloth sponge, or any other salted material. If you believe, as I do, that the moral arc of the universe bends away from ignorance, then the matter of porcupine defense is a depressing one. Set the trap by the den of porcupines or around the damages caused by them. Porcupines are not just one of those pests that do their thing; they are disasters. Also, knowing what they love the most will help you understand what you need to keep away when you notice they are around your environment. Some exotic pet lovers however are not discouraged by the challenges or be scared to keep porcupines as pets. Using Pepper Spray. Yeah... Not fun! This article discusses several control options that work. However, it will not shoot its quills unless it is being attacked, and then its quill is not as deadly as we perceive it. Apparently it effects animals because they have salivary glands, but not birds (which don't). Here in the Koots, many people use the chicken wire approach at keeping them away, other use rocks, logs, branches or whatever is handy. These rodents are known for their love for salt and their hate for pepper. They will munch on berries, carrots, garden eggs, etc. But if you can’t stand the pain of having to make it into a spray, then you can get a concentrate from garden shops in your local area. This will inform the kind of bait you can use against the animal. The animal does not like to go through the stress of climbing, especially when it’s not a tree. Information about porcupine repellent - analysis of types and effectiveness. Some of the things that porcupines are attracted to are; Porcupines love salt, all kinds of salt, table salt, salty snacks, sweaty salts, salty rain, salty snow, etc. This is a real hot pepper, so you have to be careful when you want to use it. When trapped, the animal can be shot dead, especially for places where killing porcupines are legal. Porcupines are not overtly aggressive, but they still have teeth if their quills don’t get your first. If that wasn’t enough, the … What you should worry about is the fact that they are diggers. Dogs are notorious for tangling with porcupines, and most dogs are often repeat offenders. You can use a hot pepper sauce or capsaicin, mix it up with water and spray it around your yard. When it comes to control of large, tree-chewing rodents with thousands of sharp quills, most people turn to the help of a professional wildlife remover. Also, you have to make sure that it is legal for you to see this type of trap in your area. I could see the same idea here with porcupines. If you plant pepper in your garden, you can use it. Repellants can be sprayed on any plants that you don't want the porcupines to eat. Once inside the house, they often are not able to find their way back out and end up hunkered down in the corner of a dark room. Ensure that you don’t buy traps that are too small for the animal- this is dangerous, the quills of the animal will be all out, and you know what that means. It is inexpensive and easy to purchase. The scent of some of the porcupine’s predators is beneficial. Salt blocks are (IMO) better, faster, and easier. Uldis Roze compares and contrasts porcupines in terms of body plan, behavior, ecology, reproduction, and evolutionary relationships. Easy to use Shake-Away Porcupine Repellent is infused with the Strongest Force in Nature, gets rid of Porcupiness...Guaranteed! "Porcupines: The Animal Answer Guide" presents solid, current science in the field of porcupine biology. they will gnaw on any wood that comes their way and destroy it, and the damage they cause on wooden structures most times cannot be fixed. Trees that have been girdled by chewing will die, often ruining thousands of dollars’ worth of landscaping. There are other methods of eradicating the pest that is effective enough to ensure that porcupines don’t return to your yard. A few meters away from the truck works. If you have used a lethal trap, porcupine quills are still a threat to you. A porcupine’s quill will expand upon entering the skin, which is why it is so hard to remove the needles once they have caused an injury. I have a small building in a heavily wooded (and heavily populated by porcupines) area in Michigan. Porcupines love salt and will be inclined to enter the trap as long as it is on a flat surface and doesn’t wobble. The strongest force in nature is something every porcupine is born with - Instinctive Fear of Predators. Because they are rodents, porcupines have a need to chew. You will also need to keep your pets and children away from a trapped porcupine. Porcupines don't see very well, and that makes them one of the world's … Swift porcupine control is the best way to take care of this problem. If unable to chew, the animal’s teeth would grow too long to be able to consume food and the porcupine would eventually starve to death. Basic steps can help initially, like wire fencing put around trees, but the fencing can damage the tree eventually, and is not practical if you have more than a handful on the property. The animals can weigh up to 30 pounds and be up to 2 1/2 feet long. This site provides many porcupine control articles and strategies, if Killing porcupines with a gun ensures that those are animals are gone for good from your property, especially if you are good with a gun. And guess what? Place the beads on the headpin in the desired order. When using this trap, ensure that you keep your pets away. To get rid of porcupines, it is crucial to know the things that attract them. I would like to know what the technique is for training a dog so that it doesn't learn the hard way to avoid porkies. You can do this if it is legal to kill porcupine in your state. Porcupines are also known to eat bugs and small lizards every now and then. Bones also give them important minerals, like salt and calcium, to keep them healthy. Even though a porcupine is said to be an easy-going animal, it does not hesitate to attack whenever it feels threatened. If you can transfer the animal, you should call the animal control department within your area. Another thing they love to eat is vegetables. You can either make a trap by yourself or can get some live traps you at your local store; otherwise, place your order online. Multiple trees or an entire area can be enclosed in a single fence. They pose a danger to people, pets and property. So winter road salt can attract them to automotive parts and rubber, including brake lines, fuel lines, tires, half-shaft boots, etc. Porcupines are considered exotic pets because they are wild animals and not typically kept as pets. The porcupine can be baited with salty food or vegetables. Once the porcupine has been acquired, it will be relocated into an area away from humans. How to Get Rid of Porcupines 1-888-488-7720. Though they don't eat meat, porcupines chew on bones to sharpen their teeth. One hunting group's web site publicized training workshops featuring a caged live porcupine to teach dogs to avoid porcupines. Read more on my detailed how to keep away porcupines page. Porcupines (Erethizon dorsatum) are a nuisance to homeowners. Porky quills are my biggest fear to letting a dog go off leash. More in-detail how-to porcupine removal articles: He examines the diversity of porcupines from around the world - from North and South America to Africa and Asia. If possible, do not handle the animal at all. Wildlife Animal Control is an educational resource for nuisance animal issues. The reason is that if you successfully relocate back to the forest, it has a very little chance of survival. So … Information about how to kill a porcupine - with poison or other methods. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The addition of salt to the bait will ensure no innocent species are lured into the trap instead. Are you interested in how to get rid of porcupines? If your porcupine keeps turning food away after trying all this, I think you might have to take it to a vet or call animal rescue group in your area. This necessity of nature has led to the porcupine being disliked for the damage it can cause to trees near homes or businesses. todd heyn # Posted: 2 Apr 2012 06:12 Reply Several traps can be used to hold down the animal, some of them are; It is essential to mention that trapping this animal is not legal everywhere, so find out if it is legal in your locality. Anyway I know that it can only keep him in but it can't keep other animals out. Information about how to catch a porcupine - remove one stuck in the house. Cut a piece of sterling-silver wire with jewelry wire cutters. Non-toxic porcupine repellants, like Shake-Away, … Their unique features have generated great interests from some humans but a majority of us wouldn't be looking to keep porcupines as pets. Porcupines may be adorable, but their quills are razor-sharp, designed to impale and next to impossible to remove. I ask because when backpacking with my friend down on the Allegheny Plateau, he puts a box of moth balls under his van, which supposedly keeps them away. Meet the Gentle Porcupine. Your email address will not be published. Porcupines are smart rodents; when they realize that it’s just a trick, they’ll come back to your yard. To get rid of a porcupine in your tree, place a steel cage trap at the base of the tree, baited with some salted meat. Carrie Frickman / DJ Case and Associates Fencing trees and gardens is the most effective way to prevent porcupine damage. Porcupines are normally nocturnal creatures. These pests are also attracted to anything made of wood. Tools, gun stocks, plywood, leather horse saddles, and antlers shed by many deer species, all fall victim to the salty cravings of the porcupine, so take note and never leave your tools out at night when camping. When it sees a fence, it leaves the place and searches for a more welcoming fenceless place to carry out its menace. How to Get Rid of Porcupines in Your Yard The Porcupine Life Cycle. +1 maybe, on the chili pepper idea. It gives porcupines the feeling that their predators are around, and then they’ll leave your yard. We service over 500 USA locations! You’d need to reapply this every time it rained, though. Required fields are marked *. Porcupines have their young from April to May and the juveniles stay with the females for the first summer of their lives. Its quill has topical antibiotics, which are self-healing mechanisms that help whenever it mistakenly quills itself or its buddy. But then, you cannot stop planting the vegetables you need just because of the rodents love vegetables. The best method of controlling porcupines is to prevent them from entering your yard. This is a material which was created for keeping flocks of nuisance birds like pigeons or starlings from roosting in trees. So plenty of space, but, apparently porcupines really love this space too! A face mask is also necessary, so the pepper does not get to your face while spraying. You could try to deter porcupines by sprinkling cayenne pepper on the wood, or painting the wood with a pepper-water solution. These rodents are known for their love for salt and their hate for pepper. (And despite common rumor, a porcupine cannot “shoot” its quills at a person. This is when they arrive in a garden; it turns into a mess- one that is difficult to fix. Other than this, you can make use of some predators’ urine like that of a coyote to scare them away. I plan to cover the building with felt paper this fall, but I don't think this will keep porcupines away. Email us at - Animal Education - Wildlife Control in Over 600 Locations, Dead Animal Control Education and Services, Click here to hire us in your town and check prices. Trapping a porcupine can be done by a homeowner, but some safety precautions should be remembered. The inground fence covers 1000feet of our property which my dog Rex loves to have that much freedom. More so, there are states where the relocation of porcupines is illegal. Avoid contact with your hands, so you must make use of hand gloves. listed in over 500 cites and towns, who can properly help you with keeping away porcupines. If you also need to protect your trees, you should install the electric wire around the trees. Thoroughly hose off or wipe down vehicles and vehicle parts to remove accumulated salt. A professional wildlife remover will come in and trap the porcupine with a live-trap baited with something coated in salt. you wish to attempt to solve the problem yourself. It can be painted or sprayed on trees creating a surface which is both very sticky and irritating. It is also important that you keep your younger children and pets away when you want to spray this hot pepper. To secure your fence, you can get a chicken wire on top of it, in case a stubborn porcupine insists on an adventure into your yard. Pick the trap calmly without making any noise Put a towel or a paper over it to avoid scaring the animal Also keep yourself protected from any injury from … How to Keep Raccoons Away From My Deer Feeder. Porcupine Repellents As you may already know, there are thousands of products on the market being advertised to get rid of porcupines such as repellants. (Porcupines love salt!) We also provide professional service in over 600 locations. For this reason, if you trap a porcupine, be sure to cover the trap in a tarp while transporting the animal. Select a headpin and four beads. If possible, keep vehicles in a garage or erect a temporary fence around vehicles. They can even finish up your horse saddle because of the salt in the horse’s sweat, which has gotten to the saddle. Miles City, Mont: Bureau of Land Management, Miles City District Office. However, you must stick to the recommended usage. Our nearest neighbor being a mile away, completley undeveloped area, bordered by timber land that goes for miles. Porcupines are attracted to anything salty. But once you have installed a chicken wire around the fence with a wiring board on the ground, it will stop them from getting into your yard.

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