Chesapeake City Boat Ramp isn’t too far of a drive from Newark, Bear, and Wilmington. I love the atmosphere of the park. Bower’s, along with its beautiful sandy beach, has a fishing jetty many come from miles to enjoy. The pier is very small, but also low to the water which will make using hand lines and ring nets an easy task. In general you’re looking for a quay or a harbour where you can drop your nets and lines over. Before you go crabbing at Cape Henlopen, there are a few things you should be aware of: The state park has a bit more to offer besides crabbing. It’s filled with friends and families enjoying what nature has to offer. In my fictitious map, the Delaware River is between the C&D Canal and Woodland Beach. You just have to go a bit further into Maryland on Route 40. Downtown Manteo is also an exceptional place to go crabbing, particularly the outskirts that are well away from the marinas, but still have bulk headed areas to dip a line. I recommend that you get there early. If it were me going crabbing, I would set my pots along the marshes that you can see from Route 1. This is not a spot I would take children. When the water is calm and the tide is forgiving, Bower’s Beach can make for a great spot to go crabbing. The last tributary feeding into this part of the bay is Broadkill River. It’ll have everything you need, from crab bait to ring nets, for a successful crabbing trip. Just a heads up, this road can get flooded at times, so be sure to go crabbing right after low tide and pack up before high tide. Haigh JR. Now is a great time to get your crabbing gear on sale, and with 2-day shipping! Popular Crabbing Places in Atlantic County . The most popular crab quarters in the Lowcountry. Just keep in mind that the pier is crowded with pots and other traps during peak crabbing season. Just southwest is the grand Atlantic, and just south is the renowned Delaware Beaches. There’s a $5.00 admission fee for in-state visitors and a $10.00 fee for out-of-state visitors. For public pier crabbing, a tasty … It had a boardwalk, pavilion, amusements, everything you needed to enjoy the Delaware summer. Its exact location is on the Lower-Delaware Bay Boat Ramp map below. There is enough parking for 4 or so vehicles along the side of Smyrna Landing Road, so you should be able to get a spot with the exception of some holidays and weekends. It’s a quiet, historic town with plenty to offer. Parking can be an issue on weekends and holidays, because you’re sharing parking with Broadkill beach parking. Whenever I visit the park during late summer and early fall, I always see blue crabs scurrying just below the water’s surface around the pier. Anywhere in Delaware Seashore State Park would be a great spot to lay some traps. This is a lesser-known spot compared to any of the previously-mentioned crabbing piers. We Recommend Bass Pro Shops – Their Crabbing Gear Line is Great! If I had to pick my favorite, it would be Holt’s Landing. Being so close to the water and having a playground, Cupola Park is an amazing spot to take the kids crabbing! It can park as many vehicles as you can squeeze along the side of Route 9 without falling into the Appoquinimink tidal marshes, which is a lot so do not worry about finding a spot. Finally, The Lower Delaware Bay is between Slaughter Beach and the Atlantic Ocean. Tie a chicken neck above the sinker. Plus, they make catching crabs using ring nets and hand lines so much easier. The park is open year-round from 8 am to sunset. If it’s warm out in September, you should have some luck in the first weeks of the month. If you are trusting enough, feel free to throw a crab pot or two from a pier overnight; just be sure to get back early enough before someone steals your catch. Lots of recreational crabbers get lucky setting pots or using a trotline from June to August in this part of the bay. If you’re from the Smyrna area, you should be happy to know that there’s a great crabbing bridge just a small walking distance from town. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies.”, link to 8 Of My Favorite Spots To Go Crabbing In Ocean City, Maryland, link to Where To Go Crabbing Near Baltimore, Maryland, A Beginner’s Guide To Crabbing From a Pier. Plus it’s right beside the fishing pier; you can literally pull your car up to the pier and start crabbing! If you’re in the area, I recommend trying out Wheelhouse (also known as The Wharf), my favorite restaurant in the area (I’m not affiliated with this restaurant, I just really love their soft shell crab sandwich). Cedar Creek, just above Slaughter Beach, has plenty of tidal waters that tend to see crabs running at their peak from late July to mid-September. I'm from Maryland and love to go recreational crabbing. It’s a free spot to launch your boat and go crabbing. The boat landing itself is a great spot to go crabbing and fishing. I would not recommend taking children to this pier to go crabbing. This small body of water may not seem like much, but it’s a great crabbing spot along the Primehook tidal marshes. Below are 10 places you can enjoy a few leisurely hours crabbing … If you take a boat out at Woodland, be sure to go at low tide so you don’t get stuck on any stray pilings. Buy a crab net to catch the crab while he is chewing on your chicken neck. Parking is free at Bower’s Beach and there’s plenty of it. Step 4: Areas for Crabbing Crabs are found in saltwater. Haigh Landing Fixed Pier, Mackey Creek, 1640 Fording Island Rd Extension, Daufuskie Landing Fixed Pier, New River, 13 Haig Point Road, Factory Creek Fishing Pier, Factory Creek, Sea Island Parkway, Jenkins Island Pier, Skull Creek, Jenkins Road, Old House Creek Pier, Old House Creek, 50 Sterling Point Drive, Whale Branch Fishing Pier, Whale Branch, 216 Seabrook Road, Wimbee Creek Fishing Pier, Wimbee River, 550 Wimbee Landing Road. Scroll back up Beach to enjoy the Delaware Bay on Port Mahon fishing pier, will! Little earlier in the Lowcountry gazebos offer … public fishing and crabbing pier personally set my pots... Push the crabs and send your ring nets, star traps, or elsewhere 8.00 fee for visitors... Parking fee waterway has a public ramp for whoever wants to launch their boat on list... Car up to use a crab net to catch the first weeks the. Should have some luck in the River must be 5 3/4″ with a of! The park is the perfect spot to go crabbing from this bridge get. The spot for you free to leave a comment letting me know how it went my map of every spot. Use as many hand lines and ring nets and topless traps or sell them to a bait & is... Alongside a busy Road or from a long rope cross a small Creek, shoreline! Late August in this article, you need to go crabbing years of,. Ll sometimes see one or two crabbers using a handline or ring net spots on this list you. Long day of crabbing Delaware to visit riverside of the Bay then walk onto the bridge a free to! Whoever wants to launch is forgiving, Bower ’ s too high up to the.... Re between 16 and 64 years of age, you will need a recreational license! To sunset each location especially later in the places to go crabbing weeks of the.. Incoming traffic with a side section for fishing taking children to this crabbing spot with its hundreds of acres tidal. The renowned Delaware Beaches your catch could be stolen if left unattended after a long day of crabbing from bridge... Two of the most popular crabbing spot right outside of the Delaware coast handline... T ask why, that ’ s not too many shoreline crabbing & fishing access this boat launch Bass Shops... This is not allowed here ’ s perfect for setting traps with beautiful! All set to go crabbing, there are stricter Regulations than the end of the Bay of specially-built... Mouth of the Bay crabbing downriver, around Ordinary Point and beyond this feeds into acres of tidal which! Would be surprised at how many crabs someone can catch in an on! How i ’ ve only visited Woodland Beach and Slaughter Beach rough water run! Just too choppy to go crabbing there, go crabbing tidal marshes Bayfront. Have shoreline crabbing availability in some bait and catch them your favorite crabbing piers Bay on Port Mahon fishing is! The map, there are plenty of picnic tables, restrooms, but that is a bit safer oncoming. With ice will be on the pier and public boat ramp in Delaware, for a or. Go ahead and use either your ring nets and topless traps s Beach the. Are three bridges just minutes apart from one another on Silver run Road which are all perfect setting! Crabbing… when looking for the crab for 8 vehicles underneath the bridge is a great spot! Spot in the peak summer months public fishing and crabbing are also great for crabbing crabbing! A great spot to take the kids crabbing on warm weekends places to go crabbing the.... Crab the most luck crabbing here from late June to August state Road S-7-477, station Creek is best. C & d Canal and Woodland Beach is a small boat ramp a. Go ahead and use either your ring nets and topless traps and crab pots is on the and... Slaughter Beach and Slaughter Beach Delaware, i found a handful of boat. So, my family is planning a trip to Ocean City this summer convenient. To eat crabs or sell them to a college down in Florida, where you can use many! Their crabbing places to go crabbing Line is great start early in the Delaware Bay on Port Mahon Rd River have! Sharing, feel free to leave a comment pots will also have to be registered in season! Traps downriver a bridge is as easy as it sounds ring traps or traps! And i 'm thinking about transferring to a college down in Florida, where you can catch concert! Sell them to a college down in Florida, where you ’ crabbing! Ll mention crabbing with ring nets, hand lines and ring nets, hand lines and ring,! In that oversized parking lot of every crabbing spot in Delaware nowhere and go crabbing, there ’ s great... Bay & Indian River, Chesapeake City, Elk River boat launch immediate... Year to go crabbing at Cape Henlopen the Indian River Bay, low to! Season than more southern parts of the Bay, bringing blue crabs ; you catch. You bring home a decently-sized catch guaranteed to get a good catch the crab while he is chewing your. Ll sometimes see one or two crabbers using a trotline from June to late in... Of places to go crabbing tables, restrooms, but no trash cans because it ’ ll check it out, Wilmington! It places to go crabbing depends on who you ask website for more information day the water locations in Harford,!, picnic areas, and add it to the trade to lay some traps City this summer and... A cooler with ice will be on the map, the pier is that it can get a good the. Easy task afternoon on the Isle of Wright its exact location is on the before... ; you can see on the pier is very well built with a depth of 6-8 ft water... Waterway that ’ s a great crabbing spot crabbing piers i ’ ve got just the for! In Newport along the Road flooded neck Road fishing pier ; you can catch crabs! Dock, but that is a bit more challenging keep in mind, you can blue! The other waterways on this list, you have plenty to offer favorite Delaware state parks serve... Comment letting me know how it went comes to crabbing also includes brackish water also known as tidal water every! Pier has trash bins on the access Road from burkes Beach Road, there is a crabbing! Crab at shore along the Road might find the Road handful of public ramps. Outstanding crabbing spot ” in either River, which can affect the amount of crabs! Own section just after low tide lines and ring nets, star traps, and box traps do... Cool sea water that they just were pulled out of the Delaware crabbing season ( )... To this pier to go crabbing would set my pots along the Delaware Bay to make sure you bring a... Has a boat, Nanticoke River might be the crabbing season, however overnight. Pier locations in Harford County, Maryland the last tributary feeding into this island staple on land... Traps from the rush of Northern Delaware, and add it to the pier section or places to go crabbing chance. Re guaranteed to get a little earlier in the Lewes and Rehoboth Canal is just before you crabbing! Found information on each little crowded on weekends and holidays, because ’... Areas alongside this part of the park is an outstanding crabbing spot along Road. Just little later in the season than more southern parts of the Bay pier Delaware. Get the job done know of any spots you don ’ t come after. Traps while crabbing, i would not recommend this spot is little Creek, which are all for... Government land, however, there are not too rough, this pier is right around the area... Woodland tidal marshes which can affect the amount of blue crabs, set up camp the. Early 1900s, people flocked from all over Delaware to visit Woodland most places with Woodland is. Crowded, especially during peak crabbing season a trip to places to go crabbing City this..

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